What it Takes

A Grand Valley, Colorado Mountain Bike Film



Aim for the bushes...

...shoot into the light. That's our motto. "What it Takes" is a collaborative mountain bike film being created by Lightbulb Media and Listen Up Media, showcasing Colorado's Grand Valley. You've just watched a sample of our style and witnessed the breadth of riding within 45 minutes of downtown Grand Junction. To find out more about the full film being produced, read on.

What it is

Recounting our past, present and future, the film will feature the story of the mountain bike scene woven throughout visionary riding segments covering the Grand Valley's major trail networks, from Powderhorn Resort to the Utah border. Ultimately, this film will tell the story of the incredible people who transformed a high desert valley into a growing mountain bike destination.


As avid riders, living in the Grand Valley and working in the mountain bike industry, we want to see continued trail development plus more opportunity for those who work in the industry locally. Additionally, our valley is poised to capitalize on outdoor rec's continued growth, with it's rivers, canyons and mountains. We believe one of the most effective methods for driving tourism and generating interest is capturing the rider's imagination through beautiful imagery, incredible trails and inspiring stories. An influx in tourism and interest pours more funding onto our scene which in turn results in more trails, more companies and more bike loving folks. It's a sweet cycle that we'd like to be a small part of. The only thing that surpasses what we have, is what we could be.


Our goals are to hold a local film premiere, followed by an online distribution, and ultimately adventure film festival submissions.


We are in the fundraising stage, pursuing sponsors as well as running a Kickstarter campaign. We do not currently have a set production timeline, but are aiming to begin principal photography spring 2018.

How you can help

Talk to your friends, share this video, follow us on facebook at "What it Takes", and consider helping us fund this project. We're bike mechanics and artists who spend our spare time researching sponsorship and cleaning lenses because we believe in this project. Films of this scale don't just happen, and we've already been working on this one for over a year.  To find out more about us, visit the "about" tab.