Caleb Weaver - Producer/Director

I must have been eight when I first picked up a video camera. It was one of those sweet Hi-8 camcorders, you know, with the analog tape and articulating eyepiece. Gary the Gorilla was the name I had chosen for this movie. I made sets, costumes and a script. I recruited my family.

It was awesome.

I've now been producing professional media content for ten years. It's been a long road, shooting on four continents, in waist-deep snow, sweltering Nigerian heat and crowded public transport in Nicaragua. I don't do projects I don't care about, so if I'm working for you, know that I'll give it all I got.

This is a continuing process for me, but I'm committed to the long haul.

Here are some other people you may work with:


Tim DaCosta - Cinematographer

Mountain bike wizard. Renaissance man. Professional goon. There isn't much Tim can't do, whether it's a 30' mini canyon gap on Teton Pass, jumping into a thorny lighting situation, or rigging  a camera where cameras shouldn't be. Tim brings a level of professionalism that takes a project up several notches without making things too serious.  His experience living and shooting in Thailand paints his current work with fresh color and a unique perspective. He says he's just here to party, but he's really here to set up rad shots and make it look easy.


Katelyn Weaver - Production Assistant

Katelyn is a Registered Nurse, artist, and backpacker. Whether it's setting up gear, managing the budget or working with Caleb through the post-production process, she keeps things from running out of control. Katelyn has a knack for planning and  disarming problems before they arise. Her empathy and determination help guide Lightbulb Media with concrete ethical  direction and encouragement. She also makes amazing Finnish Kropsu.

john camera2.jpg

John Ford - Key Grip/Gaffer

With a resume' spanning 18 years and enough energy to power a freight train, John Ford is an invaluable asset to any team he joins. His wealth of knowledge and equipment help ensure Lightbulb Media possesses full production capabilities.