Few mediums can impact the viewer like video. Touching both the eyes and the ears gives it an immersive quality that is unrivaled.

We care about creating visually and emotionally compelling content that not only captures the imagination of the viewer, but incites action. That means we only work on projects that we can get behind and believe in. This is good news for you. Our projects aren't just jobs, they're what make us tick.


Documentary - Mountain Bike Film

Recounting our past, present and future, the film will feature the story of the mountain bike scene woven throughout visionary riding segments covering each of the Grand Valley's major trail networks, from Powderhorn Resort to the Utah border. Ultimately, this film will tell the story of the incredible people who transformed a high desert valley into a growing mountain bike destination.

Promotional - Narrative: Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission

Some things are greater than winning.

Promotional - Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Early season pass sales promotional.

Promotional - Narrative: Avalon Theatre

The Avalon Theatre is an iconic set piece of downtown Grand Junction life. I was approached by the foundation to produce a film that would touch on those universal theater memories most of us share.

Promotional - Mesa County FMLD + Lower Valley Fire Deptartment

"From zero to hero, back to zero". Lieutenant Joe Cordova shares what it's like to be a firefighter/paramedic.   

Promotional - Field to Fork Farms

The process of growing organic fruits and vegetables is not an easy one, but it’s rewards are incalculable.

Promotional - Pow Day

Sometimes it's not about the production value...sometimes it's just about saddling up with your friends and sending some fluff.

Promotional - Narrative/Documentary: Grand Junction Economic Partnership

The technology industry in the Grand Valley has ignition, and is gaining momentum. Join us as we wander through the products of people truly passionate about their calling.

Promotional - Narrative: Powderhorn Resort

Insomnia is common the night before opening day. Take a look at what it looks like at Powderhorn Resort.

Event - Closing Day

Things can get a little crazy during closing day shenanigans. Try not to get dizzy.

Fundraising - Short documentary: Canyonview

January 2016, a crew of folks from Canyonview Vinyard Church traveled to Mae Sot, Thailand to serve with the Outpour Movement and experience some Thai culture. Short and sweet, their time was marked by laughter and strengthened friendships.